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Unresolved or unrecognized trauma is often at the root of some of our most destructive behavior patterns, and one of the first steps toward lasting healing is to talk about it and feel truly heard.

Anne has been working as a group facilitator within mental health and addiction treatment centers since 2016, bringing a unique and unconventional approach to working with sensitive clients on a group level. Her ability to hold space while maintaining strong boundaries allows her to take clients through discussions of important (and sometimes uncomfortable) topics, including sexuality, gender stereotypes, healthy relationship maintenance, and conflict resolution. 

Trauma is deeply personal and there is no hierarchy to the physical, psychological, or emotional pain of the experience itself, nor the PTSD that often follows. Anne’s intimate group environment provides clients with a safe space to share and an opportunity to process.

Each lesson plan and discussion point is crafted according to clients’ needs, meaning that no two groups are the same. Her goal is to maintain a safe and permissive environment in order to help clients open up, share their feelings, and ask for support — often for the very first time.

Anne has been a wonderful addition to our dual-diagnosis program. She is someone who truly listens to individual client needs and incorporates accordingly into her healthy sexuality groups. Her compassionate nature and wise mind provides a safe environment that nurtures growth and change. Anne provides education with an open dialogue and has the most cutting edge and current information to provide to clients. Anne also tackles the ‘taboo’ issues head on in a comfortable and non-shaming way. Anne’s style and approach is second to none.

Some of Anne’s most popular recovery groups: 

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Healthy Sexuality

  • Relationship Rights & Responsibilities

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Women’s Circle

  • Men’s Circle

  • Self-esteem & Acceptance

  • Communication Skills

  • Working with Love Languages

  • Apology Languages

Learn more about Anne’s empowered sex, love and relationship groups and workshops at Everyone Deserves Sex Ed (EDSE).