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Sex + Relationship Coaching



Feeling some type of way about your sex or love life and not sure what to do? Sex and relationship coaching lets you (and your partner(s), if you’d like!) work through blocks, challenges, curiosities, and more, all in a safe and supported environment.

Sex and relationship coaching is right for you if you’re:

  • Feeling bored with your current sex or relationship routine.

  • Experiencing a painful or particularly challenging block and in need of support.

  • Ready to unpack some baggage that’s holding you back.

  • Unsure if you’ve ever had an orgasm — or ever helped a partner have one.

  • Pretty sure you could be having better, more pleasurable sex.

  • Afraid you’re not “good enough” in bed or deserving of a healthy relationship.

  • Unsure what a healthy relationship even is.

  • Exploring new relationship dynamics.

  • Ready to better understand your relationship to love and sex.

Sex and relationship coaching is talk-based. Non-local clients can participate in sessions via Skype or Google Hangouts.