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EDSE 25-hour Sex Educator Certification

Join me and a collection of hand-picked clinicians and experts for Everyone Deserves Sex Ed’s 25-hour sex educator certification, scheduled April 6-7 and 13-14!

EDSE offers a 25-hour certification for anyone looking to jump-start their sex education career, participate in professional development, or become a valuable resource to their community. EDSE welcomes trainees of all experience levels and from any service-centered field, including:

  • Healthcare providers

  • Social services professionals

  • Youth mentors

  • Non-profit sector professionals

  • Mental health practitioners

  • Educators & advocates

  • Case managers

  • Treatment & recovery professionals

  • Adult industry professionals

EDSE understands that 25 hours isn’t nearly enough time to cover every aspect of human sexuality. This coursework will cover the basics of human sexuality, sexual health, and communication skills in order to provide attendees with a foundational understanding of key topics including:

  • Safer sex

  • Sexually transmitted infections: symptoms, treatment & prevention

  • Harm reduction & risk management

  • Sexual anatomy

  • Pregnancy & birth control

  • Relationship dynamics

  • Sexual communication

  • Consent

  • Pleasure

  • Sex toys & pornography

Over the course of two weekends, EDSE attendees will learn key information about human sexuality, intimate health, consent, and communication skills and be trained to respond to sex-related questions in a concise and nonjudgmental manner. Attendees also will leave with new insight into their own sexuality — a fun side effect of sex education training. :)

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