Intimacy. Connection. Emotional Empowerment.


The Space Between

The Space Between invites you to an empowering, restorative and healing experience dedicated to one of the most intricate parts of the female body.

The female body has historically been shrouded in shame, secrecy, and misinformation and, frankly, we're f*cking tired. This two-hour workshop leaves social norms at the door and gives you the opportunity to form a deeper, lasting connection with yourself...

…and your vulva.

This is a vulva-gazing workshop. Sound scary? I promise it's not.

The Space Between gives you an opportunity to see what your vulva looks like in real life. Just you, a hand mirror, and a private space. Take a quick peek, a lingering gaze, or skip this part entirely. You get to shape the experience for yourself.

This may be the very first time that some attendees have seen their vulvas in person. The Space Between is built especially for them.